...bespoke musical instruments beautifully hand-crafted in Ireland by a true Irish artisan.
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Handmade Uilleann Bagpipes

Nuair a théid sé fán chroí ní scaoiltear as é go bráth

Handmade chanters, practice sets, 1/2 sets, 3/4 sets, and full sets of Uilleann Bagpipes are available in concert D, C#, C, B, and Bb pitch. Components are fashioned from select hardwood and trimmed with faux-ivory or boxwood mounts . Metalwork is brass or nickel-silver brass. Custom work is accepted. All work is done in the North of Ireland, at my workshop. Private instruction is available.

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  • 4 Feb 16

    4 B-natural chanters voiced, reeded and ready to go. The left-handed 5 key last played in the video...

  • 2 Nov 15
    The Sound of the Uilleann Pipes

    BBC Your Place And Mine radio interview with Martin Preshaw, by Anne Marie McAleese, on October 31, 2015.

    http://bbc.in/1PXs56L  Interview begins at 19:24.

    "The 'pipes of the elbow' as they're called sometimes, because of the way they're played and doing that isn't easy - never mind, making a set of them, very complicated instruments.  Only about 6 or 7 people in the world are real, expert pipem...

  • 16 Jun 15
    Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Awarded to Martin Preshaw
    Photo Credit: Paul Burns

    From the Belfast Telegraph: "Martin Preshaw received the prestigious £9,000 prize from Prince Charles at an awards ceremony last Thursday in St James Palace, London.

    The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (Quest) awards funding to a small number of artisans each year to help sustain traditional crafts.

    Mr Preshaw, one of the finest uilleann pipe-makers in the world, has ...

  • 10 Dec 14

    By Martin Preshaw
    For The Pipers Review, Autumn 2007

    The past number of years has 'enjoyed' a resurgence of traditional methods, techniques and tools employed in the manufacture of the Irish Bagpipes, more commonly known as the Union Pipes or the Uilleann pipes. These most noticeably have included incorporating hollow main-stocks, hand-forged keys and hand rol...

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