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  • (Sold) B-Natural 3/4 Set, In Ebony, Boxwood and Brass
    Posted June 6, 2014

    B-natural 3/4 set in ebony, boxwood and brass metal-ware.  5-key chanter  This set is complete and ready for sale.  I will be using it during summer 2014 to play/exhibit at various musical events around Ireland.  It will be available to collect/ship September 2014. It is offered on a first-come basis and a 1/3 down-payment will secure.

    Click image to see more detail.

  • (For Sale) Four D Concert Chanters
    Posted March 5, 2014

    Rosewood chanter with boxwood mounts, wooden top, nickel silver metalware including c-nat key.

    Rosewood chanter with alt. ivory mounts, wooden top nickel silver meatlware including c-nat key.

    Ebony chanter, alt. ivory mounts, nickel silver metalware including c-nat key.

    Ebony chanter, box wood mounts, brass metal ware, wooden top, and 4 keys, f-nat, c-nat g# and a#.

    Contact Martin for details, or to purchase.

  • (Sold) C ¾ Set made in co. Fermanagh, Ireland, February 2013
    Posted February 22, 2013

    Slideshow... Offered for sale is a C-natural ¾ set, (two regulators) fashioned from ebony, brass with boxwood main stock and decorative mounts. The chanter has a goose-neck type top and is fitted with a C key.

    There have been two primary influences on this set. The bores closely follow 19th century master pipe maker Michael Egan. The measurements were taken from a set belonging to Donegal piper Mr. Martin McIntyre who has graciously offered this set on long-term loan on numerous occasions. Minor alterations have been made to the chanter bore design in my instrument to give a modern day colour to the timbre of the chanter. With exception of the motif on the metal-ware, which also follows Egan, the decorative turnings and key work are a faithful reproduction of another great 19th century maker Maurice Coyne from a set currently on long-term loan. Other influences include the middle bass drone bends which have been based on a James Kenna design, as detailed in NPU 2012 calendar. Also, the main stock, lever-style drone shut-off switch, bass drone clasps and rolled tapered ferrules were all suggested to me by US pipe maker Mr. David Quinn.

    The set is available for purchase, but as it is my intention to bring it to some piping events in the USA in spring 2013 it will not be available to collect/ship until mid-May 2013. The set will be supplied with both bag and bellows. I am due to commence voicing this set in the days ahead but interested parties may obtain an idea of the tone of this set from the numerous sound files available on my website. Any personal inspection or test will be welcome in my workshop from March 18th onwards.

  • (Sold) D Chanter For Sale
    Posted October 29, 2012

    D chanter with C natural key. Available as chanter alone, or in a practice set configuration. Contact Martin for details.

  • (Sold) For Sale: Simple Keyless D Chanter
    Posted August 8, 2012
    "Coyne meets Rowsome". Both bore replication and external turning follow the Rowsome pattern I use with the decorative mounts influenced by the decorative turnings of the late nineteenth century pipemaker Maurice Coyne. Contact Martin for more information.

  • (Sold) For Sale: 3 Chanters In D
    Posted on April 16, 2012
    Three concert pitch D chanters for sale. Two in ebony with brass metalware and boxwood mounts. One acid-washed boxwood chanter with brass metalware and unwashed boxwood mounts. All three chanters are fitted with a C-nat key, have been voiced and are ready for immdediate despatch.

    The boxwood chanter (the chanter in the centre of the pictures) has been washed with acid to give an aged "patina". A set of drones in the same style are currently under construction and will be ready Christmas 2012. The purchaser of the boxwood chanter will have the opportunity to book these drones which are offered in advance of my waiting list.

    Click to enlarge:

  • (Sold) B / B Flat Reamer
    Posted November 25, 2011
    Tapered D-reamer for B and Bb chanters. This reamer has been used to make
    4 or possibly 5 B- natural chanters and 3 Bb chanters. The cutting edges
    are very sharp. The reamer was misplaced during the move to the new
    workshop. It had been placed in a dark corner within the homeplace for
    safe keeping along with a box of other bits and pieces and was upturned
    this week. I spent 4 or 5 days looking for this reamer in late 2010 when
    I decided another could easily have been made in the time wasted searching
    for this one. Two were subsequently made with the same angle but with
    very slightly longer overall cutting lengths and I have been using these

    The reamer has a cutting length of 500mm with 12.5mm diameter spiggot for
    holding in a Jacobs style chuck. The angle is 0.85 degrees. I will
    supply my dimensions for B and Bb along with the sale. Asking price:
    less than a new chanter and therefore open to sensible offers. Any buyer
    is welcome to come and spend time making either a B or Bb using this
    reamer. Will ship anywhere in the world, buyer to meet shipping and
    insurance costs.

  • (Sold) Concert D Chanter for Sale
    Updated December 6, 2011
    Rosewood (Sonokeling). Faux Ivory mounts. Has a C key, and key blocks are in place for adding keys later. Contact Martin for more information.

    Chanter is middle of three.

    Sonokeling Rosewood chanter images available here.

  • (Sold) D-chanter For Sale 
    Posted November 08, 2011
    This is an exceptional concert pitch chanter fashioned from Sonokeling Rosewood, alternative ivory and stainless steel with a wooden chanter cap.  Every now and then an instrument is created that is simply outstanding.  Despite the same exacting and discerning engineering operations the instrument for some reason, perhaps the density of the timber, how it grew in it's native soil or how it seasoned, stands head and shoulders above other instruments made by the same pipe maker.  This is such an instrument.  It is simply superb, so much so that the maker experienced major difficulty when trying to get it back from Belfast piper Paddy O'Hare.

  • C-chanter For Sale
    Posted November 08, 2011
    This is a left-handed chanter made in ebony, brass and trimmed with European boxwood mounts.  A c-key has been fitted.  The tone can only be best described as dreamy.  The tuning impeccable.  Responsive with an edge, it is a must have instrument for the piper maturing from concert pitch to the sound of flat-pitched pipes.

    This chanter, up until November 2011, had been used by Belfast piper Paddy O'Hare on recordings, at concerts throughout Europe with Ulster trad band Craobh Rua, when teaching and when simply playing for fun.  This chanter has received high praise from Paddy O'Hare both privately and publically at home in Ireland and while touring abroad:

  • "Hi Marty

    Well mate hows things posted that Delrin for ya so you should hopefully get it tomorrow ) or wednesday depending on your postman lol ), i once again just wanted to say how much i love the new chanter. As you know i've been lucky enough to play some lovely historic C sets over the years, and some that are made by the modern "so called greats", i wouldn't swap this c chanter for anyone of them. Everything about the chanter is what i feel pipes are all about, it has a lovely round tone which is sweet and mellow yet you can hear that there is raw power that will explode forth at any minute if the notion takes ya. I dont think i need to tell you that this is right up my street !!! While the tone and tuning are fantastic the aesthetic of the chanter is beautiful and the attention to detail and execution is evident even to a novice maker such as myself. Many thanks for crafting such a wonderful instrument, i hope i can do it justice, and also the hospitality that you and Rena always show when i'm there. Me and Maire both had an excellent time.

    If memory serves the tunes i played were Sliabh Gallens Braes ( Air) The Green Groves ( Hornpipe) all on the Bb half set on the C chanter i dont have a name for the first reel but the second was Trim the velvet

    Chat soon
    Paddy (O'Hare)"

  • (Sold) Charles Roberts half set in D in brass, ebony and alt ivory.
    September 12, 2011

    New reeds and bag by Martin Preshaw Playing exceptionally well.

    Price: 2200 British Pounds Sterling

    Contact Christopher McMullan UK 07999496942
    Email Christopher at:


  • (Sold) July 2010: C-natural 3/4 set in rosewood, brass and alternative ivory, Wooden goose neck top, fitted with c-natural key.

    View a Slideshow of this instrument.

  • (Sold) April 2010: C-half Set finished on St. Patrick's day. Boxwood mainstock, ebony and brass. Chanter fitted with c and f-nat keys.

    View a slideshow of this instrument.

    Audio Sample 1
    Audio Sample 2
    Audio Sample 3 - Drones

  • (Sold) Feb 2010: Concert pitch chanter with C key made from boxwood, alternative ivory and brass fitted with a c-natural key. The boxwood was sourced by Derry piper and pipemaker Finbar McLaughlin from Belfast mill in the 1960's. Most notably some of this timber was used by the late Sean McAloon to make one or two chanters from some Belfast pipers in the 1980's.

  • (Sold) Bb chanter based on a Kenna Bore and made from ebony, brass and alternative ivory and fitted with a c-key.
    Audio Clip