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How Do They Sound?

Recordings are MP3 and generally are recorded flat, in stereo on a Edirol.

B 3/4 Set, Drones (June 2014)

Mick O'Brien Playing Preshaw C Chanter.

Mick O'Brien takes a spin on a C Chanter by Martin at the recent 2012 Welsh Tionol. The tune is Clancy's "The Trip O'er The Mountain". (Courtesy Mick O'Brien)

Full Set, Concert D

Played by Mirtn Coigligh (15 years old). Jis Lochlainn. was the young mandolin player, just 16, who accompnaied him. The geese in the background were accompanied by themselves!

D 1/2 Set

C 3/4 Set: June 2012

B Natural 3/4 Set

As played by Christopher McMullan:

The Clumsy Lover

McLeods Reel

The Hurlers

C Set
Posted November 15, 2011

Easter Snow

The Old Bush

C Chanter
Posted August 23, 2011

The Salamanca

The Gold Ring

Bb Half Set in Ebony, Boxwood, and Stainless steel

C Chanter


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